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Keeping personnel costs down while running your on-line business effectively is a primary concern for small to medium sized businesses. CyberPerks.Net helps you reduce expenses, and at the same time save valuable time and money with our database driven Shopping Cart Software.

Our Shopping Cart Software will help you become an on-line merchant in a short amount of time. Our proprietary software is entirely web-based, offering your business an affordably priced, completely scalable system, which will grow with your on-line success. Online Shopping CartCompletely user-friendly, the system allows real time updates to:

  • set prices and discounts
  • upload graphic images
  • choose shipping options
  • manage inventory
  • browse customer list
  • track order status
  • and much much more

Our software is designed for business owners and businesses like yours that are not yet on the Fortune 500 list but will make it there with the right help. Today, having mastered the art of business automation, we bring you path-breaking solutions for your business.

Options include:

  • Totally dynamic shopping cart page selection: With our cart, you are not "locked" into any specific look and feel. Customize your site around the way you do business.

  • Special Shipping requirements: Easily configure this software to include optional promotional products.

  • Interdependent Product Selection: If you sell products with many interdependent options and configurations, off the shelf shopping carts are not for you.

  • Online Inventory Maintenance: Customize our on-line inventory maintenance screen to handle your individual inventory requirements.

  • UPS Shipping software integration: Do not waste your time retyping shipping address information into your UPS World Track software. Our shopping cart integrates directly with the UPS system, saving you time and reducing mistakes.

  • Integration with accounting software: Easily integrate your orders and inventory with any accounting software that supports the Open DataBase Connective (ODBC) standard.

  • GoldMine Contact Manager Integration: Do you want to conduct customer follow-up surveys, send out Thank you letters or other marketing materials to your customers? Our GoldMine interface easily imports all customer and prospect information into the popular GoldMine contact manager software.

Contact CyberPerks.Net today to set up your on-line storefront.

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