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Bulk e-Mail ManagerDo you know that a customer needs to see your message repeatedly for it to register in their subconscious and for them to take action? It takes seven to eleven times just for your message to make an impact. Being able to communicate directly with your customer on a regular basis means you have "top of mind awareness" when it comes time to buy your product. Create compelling e-mail messages that educate the customer on your product while establishing a reason to buy.

Internet EmailPromote customer loyalty by utilizing e-mail to communicate with your customers on a regular basis. With our automated bulk e-mail manager, you easily, efficiently, and inexpensively send specials, offers, newsletters, and updates. This entirely web-based application helps keep track of the customers on your site and communicate with them effectively to increase sales and profits.

Our unique no-hassle bulk mail interface allows you to easily integrate e-mail into any web site with just a few clicks of your mouse.

Use BEM for:

  • Newsletter Subscriptions
  • Tracking Shopping Cart Customers
  • Promotional Mailing
  • Notices of Expiring Service

BEM is completely secure, easy-to-use, and powerful. Build sales within minutes with our simple interface. With a few lines of HTML added to your site, you are on your way to increasing profits and building customer loyalty with customized targeted e-mail messages. When a customer signs up for any special offer on your site, their e-mail address is immediately input into a database. You are able to access the list whenever you want—day or night. You can also download your entire database in dbase format for use with traditional mail or telemarketing campaigns.

Use it as you need risk. We are so sure that BEM will be an integral part of your marketing effort, we will give you the first month FREE! Try it and see how easy it is to use. For the first 30 days there is no limit on how often you use the system. We are sure you will agree this is a necessary marketing tool for a successful on-line business.

Are you wondering how you ever got anything done without BEM? Contact us today to streamline your on-line business experience.

Special Notice for shopping cart customers...
Let BEM help you build your on-line business by allowing you to easily identify and reward your most loyal customers. The BEM system tracks how much money each customer is spending, purchasing frequency, and the dates of the first and last visit. This statistically analyzed report assigns each customer a special loyalty ranking. This allows you to easily target the top twenty (20) (or whatever) percent of your customers with rewards and incentives. In addition, use this data to fuel "drive back" campaigns targeted to customers who have not visited your store recently.

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